Kara Lamb


Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes



My research focuses on working with the single-particle soot photometer to measure properties of absorbing aerosols in laboratory and field studies. For my Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, I studied properties of isotopic water in the context of cirrus cloud formation.


Ph.D. Physics, University of Chicago (2015)

M.S. Physics, University of Chicago (2008)

B.S. Physics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2007)


Aerosol optics, aerosol and ice microphysics, black carbon and metallic aerosol measurements

Current Topics

I am currently working on the analysis of aircraft measurements of black carbon in S. Korea during the KORUS-AQ campaign. I am also studying black carbon optical properties from measurements of biomass burning during the NOAA FIREX Firelab 2016 laboratory study.

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

last modified: February 20, 2020