Kelvin Bates

Research Scientist

Tropospheric Chemistry

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory
325 Broadway, R/CSL7
Boulder, CO 80305 USA

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I am an atmospheric chemist studying the emissions and transformations of organic molecules in the troposphere. I use a wide variety of tools including chemical ionization mass spectrometry, global chemical transport modeling, and ambient field observations to better understand the mechanisms by which organic molecules react in the atmosphere, and particularly how those reactions lead to aerosol and ozone formation. Prior to joining CIRES, I got my PhD at Caltech, did a postdoc in the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group at Harvard on a NOAA Climate & Global Change fellowship, and worked in the Nguyen environmental chamber lab at UC Davis.


PhD, Chemistry, Caltech (2017)
BS, Chemistry & Economics, Davison College (2012)


Atmospheric organic reaction mechanisms
Chemical transport modeling (GEOS-Chem)
Box modeling for mechanism development
Mass spectrometry
Environmental chamber experiments
Organic synthesis

Current Topics

Isoprene oxidation mechanisms
Monoterpene nighttime chemistry
Photochemical degradation of organic aerosol
Global ethanol budgets
Volatile chemical product emissions and chemistry

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