Maya Abou-Ghanem

Postdoctoral Fellow, separated

Aerosol Properties & Processes


NRC Postdoc

Maya received her bachelors degree in 2015 from the University of Alberta with a double major in chemistry and biology. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Maya worked at the Biogeochemical Analytical Service Laboratory at the University of Alberta, where she tested fresh water samples for total and dissolved nitrogen and phosphorous. Maya then moved on to complete her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Alberta under she supervision of Dr. Sarah Styler, with a focus on dust heterogeneous chemistry and its impacts on urban air quality.

In 2021, Maya received an NRC-RAP Award to conduct postdoctoral research in the Aerosol Properties and Processes group, where she is focusing on the quantification of metals in aerosols using single-particle mass spectrometry. Maya is also participating in single-particle mass spectrometry measurements on aircraft platforms during the Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical & Climate Impact Project (ACCLIP).


BSc Chemistry and Biology Double Major, University of Alberta 2015
PhD Chemistry, University of Alberta 2021


  • chemical characterization of metals in aerosols
  • single-particle mass spectrometry
  • heterogeneous chemistry
  • dust photochemistry
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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