WRF LES and Statistics Packages

The WRF LES and statistics packages were created and have been maintained by Tak Yamguchi and Graham Feingold. Technical information is available in Yamaguchi and Feingold (2012 JAMES), which discusses simulations of three GCSS LES intercomparison cases, issues discovered, and description of the packages. Please reference the technical note if you use the packages.

The aim of the packages is to simplify case configuration and to reduce post-processing effort. The statistics package outputs horizontal mean statistics (time series and profiles) at a height coordinate. The LES package configures WRF to a specified case (often idealized cases) without modification of the WRF source codes. There are several preinstalled GCSS LES intercomparison cases for the user to quickly test. The user can add new cases by following one of the preinstalled cases.

The packages are available for WRF3.3.1 and WRF3.6. Anna Fitch at NCAR updated the packages for WRF3.6. Please appropriately acknowledge her if using the package for WRF3.6.

Only the source files added and modified for these packages can be downloaded below (last updated 1 April 2015). WRF3.3.1 or WRF3.6 should be obtained from the Weather Research & Forecasting Model (WRF). The package files are organized with the WRF's directory structure. After download, all files in each subdirectory have to be copied to the same subdirectory in the local WRF. A User's Guide is provided for both packages, located at /test/em_les/guide_wrfles.pdf and /test/em_les/stat/guide_stat.pdf. Each package is independently programed and uses a C-preprocessor flag so that each package should be compiled and run without including the other package. Without the preprocessor flags, WRF should be compiled as a vanilla WRF.

The packages do not include the bulk two-moment microphysics scheme of Feingold et al. (1998) used in the technical note since it is currently not part of WRF. Users who are interested in the bulk two-moment microphysics code should contact Graham Feingold.

The software is provided "as-is." The code has no express or implied warranties and the authors of the code assume no responsibility or liability for unintended results, or damages stemming from its use. Downloading and using the code indicates acceptance of the conditions. We request that you register when you download the code so that we may track its usage. * After initial registration, subsequent downloads require you to enter only your email address.

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