Boulder 2018-2021 TOPAZ Data

March 16, 2018

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Daily Summary:

TOPAZ data were recorded from 10:14 to 17:26 MST on this day.

Data Processing level:
    TOPAZ: L1 (reprocessed, some QC)     in situ: L2 (reprocessed, full QC)

TROPOMI overpass at 13:38 MST @ 759.74 km. Today the measurements captured the advection of a large stratospheric intrusion forecast by both the RAP-Chem and RAQMS models across Boulder. Ozone mixing ratios in excess of 150 ppbv were observed between 6 and 8 km asl, and a filament with 75-80 ppbv of ozone descended to about 1.5 km AGL during a period of strong winds around 1200 MST. The intrusion did not directly reach the surface however, and the 2B in situ measurements showed ozone gradually increasing to about 55 ppbv over the course of the day. The UTLS air caused the skies to be exceptionally clean with too little aerosol for Doppler lidar wind measurements beyond 1 km AGL.

Ozone - March 16
Aerosol Backscatter - March 16
Aerosol Backscatter
in situ surface data - March 16
in situ surface data