Atmospheric Remote Sensing: Instruments

Operational Instruments

DALEKDoppler lidar
FLOEFish Lidar, Oceanic, ExperimentalAirborne lidar for fisheries surveys
HALOHALO doppler lidar
HRDLHigh Resolution Doppler LidarHigh spatial temporal and velocity resolution wind profiles, Boundary layer turbulence and entrainment zone studies and flux measurements
MicroDopMicro-pulse Doppler lidarConical or Vertical scanning Doppler lidar for wind profiles and Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI)
Mini-MOPA CO2Doppler LidarProvides vertical profiles of wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, aerosol species concentration (DIAL), cloud geometry and microphysical parameters
TOPAZTunable optical profiler for aerosol and ozone lidarCapable of measuring ozone concentration in the lower troposphere from an airborne platform with uncertainties of only a few ppbv at 90-m vertical and 600-m horizontal resolution

Decommissioned Instruments

ABAELAirborne Aerosol LidarDesigned to detect aerosol layers in the atmosphere from an aircraft
ABDIALAirborne Eximer Ozone DIALAirborne mapping of lower tropospheric ozone and aerosol distributions
CODICompact Water Vapor DIALAutomated lidar to continuously profile water vapor in lower troposphere
DABULDepolarization and Backscatter Unattended LidarMonitors and studies the radiative effects of aerosols and thin clouds in the upper troposphere
OPALOzone Profiling Atmospheric LidarUsed to monitor ozone and aerosol formation, evolution and transport
TEA CO2Doppler LidarMeasured particle backscatter and radial velocity