Atmospheric Remote Sensing: Instruments

Micro-pulse Doppler (MicroDop) lidar

Conical or Vertical scanning Doppler lidar for wind profiles and Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI) profiles packaged for aircraft, ship, or ground based measurements.

Contact: Alan Brewer

MicroDop ground instrument
MicroDop ground site instrument
MicroDop aircraft instrument
MicroDop aircraft instrument installed in NOAA Twin Otter

Basic Parameters Measured

  • Horizontal wind profiles
  • Vertical velocity
  • Range corrected, Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI) profiles
instrument measurement modes
Aircraft MicroDop Scanning mode (left; 1 rev/profile every 1-6 seconds) and Vertical Starring mode (right)
instrument installed in NOAA Twin Otter
MicroDop installed over 19.5" port on NOAA Twin Otter – articulates for vertical staring and removal of aircraft pitch

Typical Specifications

Pulse length30, 60, 90 m
Pulse rep frequency20,000 Hz
Beam rate2-10 Hz
Pulse energy50 µJ
Wavelength1.553 µm (invisible & eyesafe)
Beam diameter7.62 cm
Maximum range7 km
Electrical power120V 30A
Platformsground, ship, aircraft

Field Projects

Project NameDateLocation
CUPiDSCoastal Urban Plume Dynamics Study202306June - August 2023NYC region (aircraft)
CalFiDECalifornia Fire Dynamics Experiment202208August - September 2022California (aircraft)
SITESystem Integration and Test Experiment202106Summer 2021Lakeland, Florida (aircraft)
SUNVExSouthwest Urban NOx and VOC Experiment202106Summer 2021Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California (truck)
PUMASPickUp based Mobile Atmospheric Sounder202006June - October 2020Colorado Front Range (truck)
COVID-AQSCOVID Air Quality Study202003Spring 2020Boulder, Colorado (ground site)
ATOMICAtlantic Tradewind Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign202001January - February 2020tropical North Atlantic (ship)
FIREX-AQFire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality201908July - August 2019Boise, Idaho (aircraft)
Fire Winds201807June 2018Lakeland, Florida (aircraft)
PISTONPropagation of Intra-Seasonal Tropical Oscillations201708August - October 2018Philippine Sea (ship)
FAST-LVOSFires, Asian, and Stratospheric Transport - Las Vegas Ozone Study201705May - June 2017Las Vegas, Nevada (ground site)
WFIP22nd Wind Forecast Improvement Project201609 September - October 2016Columbia River Basin (ground site)