Atmospheric Composition Modeling: Products



MELODIES MONET is a joint project between NOAA and NCAR to develop a modular framework that integrates existing and future diverse atmospheric chemistry observational datasets with chemistry model results for the evaluation of air quality and atmospheric composition. MELODIES MONET combines the Model EvaLuation using Observations, DIagnostics and Experiments Software (MELODIES) project at NCAR with the Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) project at NOAA to develop a python diagnostic package that is open source, generic, portable, and model-agnostic. Overall, the project provides a framework for evaluating a wide range of models in a more consistent manner. The tool is accessible to everyone including university and national laboratory researchers, as well as graduate students and postdocs. The goal is to evaluate research, operational, and regulatory models against a variety of observations including surface, aircraft, and satellite data all within a common framework.

The source code for MELODIES MONET is available on GitHub© and a user guide for MELODIES MONET is available on Read the Docs.

Example model and observational data to help users learn how to use MELODIES MONET are provided here:

For general information or questions, contact Rebecca Schwantes and for technical questions contact