Atmospheric Composition Modeling: Products

ECMWF model forecast for 150mb winds and high cloud frequency
ECMWF model forecast meteorological products provided for FIREX-AQ 2019. Figure: Stephanie Evan, Université de La Réunion

Special Projects

Air (Ine)quality in New York City - Mapping surface ozone and PM2.5 in underserved boroughs in New York City during heat wave events and to engage with their communities.

Greenhouse Gas And Air Pollutants Emissions System (GRA2PES) - Capability, measurement and modeling of spatially explicit U.S. greenhouse gas and hazardous air pollutant emissions.

Model Evaluation

MELODIES MONET - Combination of the Model EvaLuation using Observations, DIagnostics and Experiments Software (MELODIES) project at NCAR with the Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) project at NOAA

Data Sets

Supporting Data - Modeling code and scripts associated with journal articles.

Field Support

AEROMMA - Urban forecasting data products in support of field campaign planning and operations.

Satellite Imagery & Meteorology - GOES and composite radar images, surface observation images, and image loops in support of field campaign planning and operations.