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Debe Dailey-Fisher receives OAR 2016 EEO/Diversity Award

23 February 2016

Debe Dailey-Fisher
Debe Dailey-Fisher

Debe Dailey-Fisher has been selected to receive OAR's 2016 EEO/Diversity Award for Exemplary Service. An award ceremony celebrating OAR employees performing outstanding service in the field of Diversity and Inclusion will commence Friday afternoon, February 26, during the OAR Town Hall featuring Diversity and Inclusion.

Debe has served for over 15 years as CSD's representative to the Boulder Labs Diversity Council. She currently serves as Chairperson of the group, as she has at various times in the past. As Chair, she quickly became known as a passionate leader who motivates effective approaches that have engaged more and more employees and raised the Boulder Labs community's awareness of diversity issues to new levels.

She has also served as CSD's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) representative and assists the EEO Office with cultural awareness observance month activities, where she has gained a reputation for developing creative and interesting events attended by many in the David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC) and the broader Department of Commerce-Boulder campus.

She also promotes the recruitment of women and minorities by expanding opportunities to partner with local minority organizations, which has broadened the partnerships of NOAA Boulder with local groups. She is currently spearheading a very high-profile event in association with President Obama's My Brother's Keeper program. The event will bring 24 students from Denver Public Schools to the DSRC next week for tours and activities to cultivate their interest in science and NOAA. Debe's efforts have gained the attention of NOAA's highest levels of management and may well serve as a model for future efforts in this program.

Many of her colleagues are familiar with Debe's work to bring in students. Not only has she connected many of CSD's scientists with young students to mentor, but she herself has mentored many undergraduate students who have made excellent contributions to the activities of CSD.

Debe has a vigorous and engaging approach in all of these efforts, pouring her personal passion for diversity and inclusiveness into every aspect of her service. Our division is very grateful for – and proud of – Debe's accomplishments. It is very fitting that she is among the first to be recognized with this new OAR award.