CSL News & Events:

2016 News & Events

Highlights of CSD Science at AGU
11 December 2016

Steven Ciciora Awarded OAR Employee of the Year
5 December 2016

Fire Starters: Researchers Take a Comprehensive Look at Wildfire Effects on Air Quality and Climate
23 November 2016

University of Colorado CIRES Innovative Research Program Poster Session and Reception
17 November 2016, CIRES Atrium

Pollution Emitted Near Equator has Biggest Impact on Global Ozone
7 November 2016

NOAA-Led Work Could Improve Air Quality, Climate Modeling
2 November 2016

Haagen-Smit Prize awarded for WRF-Chem research
24 October 2016

Aerosol Sulfate Trends and Their Effect on Photosynthesis
21 October 2016

Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol
16 October 2016

Karen Rosenlof receives AGU Yoram J. Kaufman Unselfish Cooperation in Research Award
12 October 2016

Remembering Mike Proffitt and His Ozone Research Legacy
10 October 2016

The Fingerprint of Feedlots
7 October 2016

Erik Larson receives IGAC Early Career Poster Presentation Award
30 September 2016

Jim Roberts receives Department of Commerce Gold Medal for Leadership
27 September 2016

International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project 2016 Science Conference
26-30 September 2016, Breckenridge, CO

Study first to quantify impact of oil and gas emissions on Denver's ozone problem
8 August 2016

CSD Scientist Receives Dobson Award from the International Ozone Commission
26 July 2016

Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) Applications Workshop: Hourly Air-Quality Data from Geostationary Orbit
12-13 July 2016, Huntsville, AL

PACES: Taking the Initiative on Arctic Air Pollution
20 May 2016

Recognizing CSD Achievements and Accomplishments
16 May 2016

University of Colorado CIRES Rendezvous
13 May 2016, UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom & Terrace

North Dakota's Bakken oil and gas field leaking 275,000 tons of methane per year
11 May 2016

CSD Scientist Co-Leads International Data Evaluation for Atmospheric Chemistry
15 April 2016

Michael Trainer receives NOAA Distinguished Career Award
29 March 2016

CSD Helps Lead the NOAA Boulder My Brother's Keeper Event
4 March 2016

Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) Emissions Enigma
29 February 2016

California's Aliso Canyon blowout led to largest U.S. methane leak ever
25 February 2016

Debe Dailey-Fisher receives OAR 2016 EEO/Diversity Award
23 February 2016

Where Clouds and Particles Meet Climate
1 February 2016

Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR) Workshop
25-27 January 2016, Beijing, China

TOAR: Assessing the Science of Ozone Pollution
14 January 2016