August 16, 2016

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Daily Summary:

Tuesday, August 16: SCOOP
Day 8 of SCOOP observations. TOPAZ data were taken from 12:28 to 15:48 PDT.
Sunny skies. Maximum temperature of 28 C. Surface winds from the southwest all day at speeds between 5 and 15 m/s. Surface ozone* was rather constant throughout the day with values between about 55 and 70 ppbv. In the lowest 700 m AGL, ozone mixing ratios ranged from 60 to 75 ppbv. Between 700 and 2000 m AGL, TOPAZ detected a layer containing 75 - 85 ppbv of ozone. Above that, the air was quite clean with ozone values between 20 and 45 ppbv.

The Blue Cut Fire erupted around 10:30 PDT near Cajon Pass and spread rapidly to the north and west. At 15:45, the community of Wrightwood, including Table Mountain Facility (TMF), were ordered to evacuate. That ended the SCOOP campaign, cutting it short by one day. All SCOOP participants, including TOPAZ personnel, evacuated TMF around 16:00 PDT.

*Note: The collocated in situ ozone concentrations are known to be about 6% low.

Note: Data are preliminary.

Ozone - August 16
Aerosol Backscatter - August 16
Aerosol Backscatter
in situ surface data - August 16
in situ surface data