Boulder 2018-2021 TOPAZ Data

March 14, 2018

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Daily Summary:

TOPAZ data were recorded from 10:23 to 18:23 MST on this day.

Data Processing level:
    TOPAZ: L1 (reprocessed, some QC)     in situ: L2 (reprocessed, full QC)

TROPOMI overpass at 12:35 MST @ 559.1 km. Sunny day with temperature around 20 C in the afternoon. Clouds areound 6.5 km AGL in the afternoon. Highest surface ozone values of the year so far (64 ppbv). Small fire started around 15:20 MST to the northwest of the site.

Ozone - March 14
Aerosol Backscatter - March 14
Aerosol Backscatter
in situ surface data - March 14
in situ surface data