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Oil and Gas Industry Research

2012 - 2018

NOAA and CIRES researchers have led a growing national and international effort to better understand the atmospheric implications of oil and gas activities. Our scientists have led intensive field campaigns during winter and sustained year-round measurements. They've used innovative partnerships and platforms (mobile vans, vehicles, tall towers, temporary towers) to deploy instruments that measure air composition upwind, in, and downwind of oil and gas fields. These efforts – which include industry, state, and other federal agencies as integral partners – have resulted in major scientific findings related to ozone pollution, other air quality challenges, and the climate effects of oil and gas activities. CSL (formerly the Chemical Sciences Division (CSD) of the Earth System Research Laboratory) researchers have published or contributed to many peer-reviewed science papers on these topics:

Assessments & Reports

APS report cover
APS Science Policy Report: Monitoring Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations