Chebogue Point Instrumentation

Parameter Method Affiliation Investigator
Meteorological Conditions various UC Berkeley Allen Goldstein
VOCs, OVOCs, CO, CO2, H2O, O3 GC/FID/MS, PTRMS, others UC Berkeley Allen Goldstein
inorganic and organic oxidized nitrogen species UC Berkeley Ron Cohen
Rn-222 UW Bothell Dan Jaffe
Gas Phase Mercury MSC Canada Rob Tordon
Aerosol Chemical Composition Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Aerodyne Doug Worsnop
Aerosol Size Distribution DMA & HTDMA Hugh Coe UMist Hugh Coe
Speciated Organic Composition of Aerosols In-Situ Thermal Desorption GC-MS UC Berkeley; Aerosol Dynamics Allen Goldstein; Susanne Hering
Water CPC Condensation particle counter Aerosol Dynamics Susanne Hering
Aerosol Light Scattering and Backscattering (450, 550, 700 nm) Aerosol light absorption (565 nm), Total aerosol number, CCN, Size Resolved Aerosol Total Mass and Chemistry (with NOAA PMEL) various NOAA CMDL John Ogren
Aerosol Optical Depth (380, 440, 500, 675, 870 nm) NOAA CMDL Ellsworth Dutton
Aerosol Elemental Composition DRUM Sampler UC Davis Steve Cliff
Stable Isotopes of Sulfate and Nitrate Aerosols UC San Diego Mark Thiemens
Remote Winds Radar Wind Profiler NOAA ETL Allen White
Remote Cloud and Aerosol Backscatter, Depolarizaton, and Extinction, and possibly Water Vapor, Sun Photometer Lidar Dalhousie Tom Duck
Direct, Diffuse and Total Broadband Solar Irradiance (Downwelling), Total Downwelling IR Irradiance NOAA CMDL Ellsworth Dutton
Ozone Sonde releases from Yarmouth