NOAA WP-3D mention in Science
  • Daniel M. Murphy, "Enhanced: Something in the Air", Science, Vol 307, Issue 5717, 1888-1890, 25 March 2005
  • Published article discussing recent advances in developing instruments that analyze particles directly from the air briefly mentions the NOAA WP-3D deployment during ICARTT and the 21 July 2004 flight.

CBC News Nova Scotia
  • Out Foul Air! 20 July 2004
  • Canada Now reports: It's the curse of living downwind from one of the biggest clusters of heavy industries in the world. Nova Scotia gets tonnes of air pollution from the northeastern United States. Now, a new international study is trying to find out how much stuff gets dumped on us. As Sophia Harris tells us, one of the monitoring stations has been established right here in Nova Scotia.