Chebogue Point Ground Site Logistics

Integration Schedule

The tower and power should be in place and ready for trailer arrival by the morning of June 24. Measurements will generally be running by July 1.

  • June 22 - David Parrish, Craig Simons arrives from Halifax
  • June 23 - Dalhousie trailer arrives, Aerodyne trailer arrives via ferry, Set up tower, CMDL folks arrive from Halifax
  • June 24 - Berkeley trailer arrives commercial delivery, CMDL trailer arrives via ferry
  • June 25 - Berkeley folks arrive from Halifax, Jim Roberts arrives from Halifax, Satellite internet setup
  • June 28 - Aerodyne folks arrive, ETL radar will come on ferry
  • June 28 thru July 2 - Stable isotope sampler set up
  • June 30 - Steve Cliff sets up
  • July 1 - Rn instrument comes on ferry
  • July 5 or 6 - Hg instrument folks come dow
Chebogue Point map

Transportation to Site

The site is about 10 km south of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. At present there are no commercial flights into Yarmouth. Suggested travel options are:

  • flying to Halifax and driving to Yarmouth (approx. 4 hour drive)
  • flying to Portland Maine and taking overnight ferry to Yarmouth
  • flying to Bar Harbor and taking 8:00 am ferry (3 hours) to Yarmouth

This map shows the highways in the vicinity of the site. For scale, each small square is 1 km on a side. The site is just off the bottom of the map on Chebogue Point, the peninsula south of Yarmouth. Get to Rockville, either from the west approach from downtown Yarmouth or the east approach from Highway 3 east of the airport, and then go south on Chebogue Point Road. The site is on the west side of the road and is identifiable by several antenna towers that the Canadian Coast Guard maintains there. Folks arriving on or before June 25 can call David Parrish's cell phone. Contact info for later arrivals will be sent out.

Customs Groups

  • UC Berkeley - Goldstein, Cohen, Herring
  • University of Washington, Bothell - Jaffe
  • NOAA CMDL - Ogren, Dutton, Roberts
  • Aerodyne - Worsnop, Coe
  • UC Davis - Cliff
  • UC San Diego - Patrios, Theimens
  • NOAA ETL - White, King
  • U Heidelberg - Platt, Sinreich

Trailer Transport

  • Dalhousie trailer: They will have it delivered
  • UC Berkeley trailer: They will have it delivered
  • CMDL trailer: Ship to Yarmouth
  • Aerodyne trailer: Drive to Aerodyne with blue pickup. Drive to Yarmouth with blue pickup.

Shipping Address

Reasonably small amounts of equipment can be shipped and stored in Yarmouth until participant arrival. Before shipping, please contact David Parrish regarding the details, and he will contact Byron to tell him to expect your shipment:

David Parrish
c/o Byron Bourget
Storage Canada
164 Starrs Rd
Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B6
phone 902-742-5780