WP-3D Data ID Table

Parameter Data ID Data Columns Submitter Notes
Aircraft Position AircraftPos AOCTimewave, GpsLat, GpsLon, GpsAlt, PAlt, RAlt Donna Sueper
Aircraft Meteorological Conditions AircraftMet AOCTimewave, AmbTemp, DewPtTemp, EquivPotTemp, H2Omr, LymanAlphaRaw, PotTemp, RelHumidity, StaticPrs, VertWindSpd, WindDir, WindSpd Donna Sueper
Aircraft Miscellaneous AircraftMis AOCTimewave, VertGndSpd, Attack, CabinPrs, DynPrs, GndSpd, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Slip, TrueAirSpd Donna Sueper Two parameters have been replaced in the preliminary file. AirSpdKnots has been replaced with VertGndSpd; DiffPrs has been replaced with DynPrs
Carbon Monoxide (CO) CO AOCTimewave, CO_ppbv John Holloway
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) CO2 AOCTimewave, CO2_ppmv Jim Smith Due to instrumentation problems, no data is expected.
Hydroxyl Radical (OH), Peroxy Radicals (HO2 and RO2) Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) GITCIMS AOCTimewave, OH_nd, Sulf_nd, HO2RO2_nd Greg Huey
Formaldehyde (H2CO) H2CO H2CO_UT_Time, H2CO_ppbv, HCOOH_ppbv Scott Herndon
Nitric Acid (HNO3) HNO3 AOCTimewave, hno3_ppbv Andy Neuman
Ozone (O3) O3 AOCTimewave, O3_ppbv Tom Ryerson
Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2, NOy) NOy AOCTimewave, NO_ppbv, NO2_ppbv, NOy_ppbv, Sum_NOy_ppbv Tom Ryerson Sum_NOy_ppbv = NO+NO2+HNO3+PAN+PPN+MPAN. The NOy_ppbv parameter indicates values measured by the NOy instrument.
Ammonia (NH3) NH3 AOCTime_NH3start, AOCTime_NH3stop, AOCTime_NH3mid, NH3_ppbv, NH3_error John Nowak
NO3, N2O5 NO3N2O5 AOCTimewave, NO3_pptv, N2O5_pptv Steve Brown
PANs (PAN, PPN, etc.) PANs AOCtimewave, PAN, PPN, APAN, PBN, PPeN, PBzN, MoPAN, MPAN Frank Flocke Some species were not measured on some flights.
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) SO2 Time, SO2_ppbv John Holloway
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by whole air sampler technique. VOCsWAS > 80 compounds Elliot Atlas
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by proton transfer mass spectroscopy VOCsPTRMS AOCTimewave, acetaldehyde, acetic_acid, acetone, acetonitrile, benzene, C9_benzenes, DMS, isoprene, MEK, methanol, monoterpenes, MVK_MACR, toluene, xylenes Joost de Gouw or Carsten Warneke Data are reported as measured at the same time; actual times vary slightly. Contact Joost for details.
SO2, O3, NO2, Liquid Water Path, Effective Radius MIDAS, TALUS John Daniel, Megan Melamed No data will be available here due to non-routine nature of the retrievals. Please contact the PIs for spectra.
Aerosol Single Particle Composition PALMS negative and postive ion mass peaks; various chemical and meteorological measurements have been mapped on to the time stamp of the individual particle measurements Dan Murphy ICARTT (text) files will not be available due to the impracticality of converting this very large data set. Please contact Dan Murphy for use and analysis of this data set. To assist possible data users, Dan has created pair of pdf documents, a PALMS Read Me and a PALMS Hints for individuals to download.
Aerosol Bulk Non-Refractory Composition AMS AMS_Start_Time, AMS_Stop_Time, AMS_Org, AMS_SO4, AMS_NH4, AMS_NO3 Ann Middlebrook
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition PILSIC PILS_start_time, PILS_end_time, ammonium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, nitrate, potassium, sulfate, sodium Rick Peltier
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition - water soluble organic carbon PILSWSOC WSOC_mid_time, WSOC_ugC_m_3 Rick Peltier
Aerosol Size, Number, Surface, Volume Distribution (NOAA Aerosol) NAerosol AOCTimewave, nfine, sfine, vfine, ncoarse, scoarse, vcoarse Chuck Brock
Cloud Size Distribution CloudProbes AOCTimewave, CloudNTot, CloudLWC, LWCTot, CloudSA, SATot, ReffTot, CloudNGT30, PrecipRR Sandeep Nanburi This parameter was formerly known as FSSP, ODP, Cloud and Precip
Actinic Flux (NOAA Spectrometer, ZAPHROD) jValAL AOCTimewave, up, down and combined j values for 18 reactions Harald Stark
Actinic Flux (as calculated in the red AND blue wavelengths from NOAA Spectrometer, ZAPHROD) jNO3AL AOCTimewave, Comb_j_no3, D_j_no3, U_j_no3 Harald Stark
Solar Spectral Irradiance - Nadir (up) SSFRN UTC_Start, UTC_Stop, UTC_Mid, UpFlux_xxxnm for 303 different wavelengths where 351 < xxx < 1645 John Pommier, Steve Howard The data is a 1 second measurement, but is reported with a start - stop format. Read the comments in the icartt file for more info.
Solar Spectral Irradiance - Zenith (down) SSFRZ UTC_Start, UTC_Stop, UTC_Mid, DownFlux_xxxnm for 303 different wavelengths where 350 < xxx < 1647 John Pommier, Steve Howard The data is a 1 second measurement, but is reported with a start - stop format. Read the comments in the icartt file for more info.