R/V Ronald H. Brown Daily Summaries

Cruise Day 20040730

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RHB started the day just north of Cape Ann. About 8:00 AM RHB moved up the coast turning eastward just south of Kennebunkport ME. NOy concentrations were high during this leg (12 - 16 ppb). RHB spent most of the day on a long Eastward leg. The early part of the leg had high NOy concentrations and modest ozone. The latter half of the leg had high ozone concentrations (??o 100 ppb) and gradually decreasing NOy levels with a narrow SO2 plume appearing in the latter part of the leg. We had an over-flight by the DC-3 about 6:00 PM local. About 7:00 PM ozone levels had dropped significantly and RHB turned NW toward the ME coast at a point just north of Cape Elizabeth. Upon reaching the coast the plan calls for another Eastward leg to search for the plume.