R/V Ronald H. Brown Daily Summaries

Cruise Day 20040731

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RHB started the day on a series of East/West legs north of Portland ME. There was some fog overnight and the wind increased substantially and was blowing 15 - 20 Knots by morning. Overnight ozone levels had dropped from above 100 ppb to 12 ppb!. Winds from the SSW brought clean oceanic air with CO below 80 ppb. Both the J-31 and DC-3 passed over RHB during the day. The J-31 spiraled down to near the surface and made two passes near the ship. During the day RHB worked upwind with only modest levels of pollution observed. Winds increased to 20 -25 knots as RHB moved toward the isles of Shoals. Plans call for RHB to spend the night near the Isles of Shoals to conduct a comparison with the DOAS on Appledore and be in position for the P-3 over-flight.