IONS-2010 Ozonesonde Data

Six out of the seven IONS-2010 ozonesonde sites now have final data:
Kelowna, BC (Environment Canada)
Trinidad Head, CA (NOAA)
Shasta, CA (NOAA)
Point Reyes, CA (NOAA)
Point Sur, CA (NOAA)
Joshua Tree National Park, CA (NOAA)

The seventh site, San Nicolas (measured by the US Navy with a different system) has not yet been finalized due to the complicated output format of the data.

You can download the data from the following anonymous ftp site:
The data are under the following directory: /ozwv/ozone/CalNex2010

There are separate folders containing the high vertical resolution output, 100m output and 250 m output. Given the 20 second response time of the instruments, there is no advantage to having the ozone data at the high vertical resolution; 100m resolution is about as good as it gets.

The data are freely available but please let the following people know if you plan to use the data in a presentation or publication:
David Tarasick
Samuel Oltmans
Bryan Johnson
Owen Cooper