R/V Atlantis Instrumentation

Parameter Method PI / Affiliation

Gas Phase Composition
Photolysis rates (j-values) Filter radiometers (up and down looking) Lerner / ESRL
Ozone (O3) UV absorbance Williams / ESRL
Ozone (O3) UV absorbance Bates / PMEL
Ozone (O3) NO chemiluminescence Williams / ESRL
Carbon monoxide (CO) UV fluorescence Lerner / ESRL
Carbon dioxide (CO2) Nondispersive IR Lerner / ESRL
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Pulsed UV fluorescence Williams / ESRL
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Pulsed UV fluorescence Bates / PMEL
Nitric oxide (NO) Chemiluminescence Lerner / ESRL
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Photolysis/chemiluminescence Lerner / ESRL
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Cavity ring-down spectroscopy Brown / ESRL
Total reactive nitrogen oxides (NOy) Au tube/chemiluminescence Williams / ESRL
Peroxyacyl nitric anhydrides (PANs); ClNO2 CIMS Thornton / UW
ClNO2 CIMS Thornton / UW
Nitrate radical (NO3); Dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5) Cavity ring-down spectroscopy Brown / ESRL
Water vapor (H2O) Nondispersive IR Lerner / ESRL
VOC Speciation – NMHCs up through toluene GC/FID deGouw / ESRL
Aromatic and oxygenated hydrocarbons PTR-MS Li / EC
Aerosol Composition
Aerosol ionic composition PILS-IC Quinn / PMEL
Aerosol WSOC PILS-TOC Quinn / PMEL
Aerosol size and composition Q- AMS Bates / PMEL
Aerosol size and composition; NR and EC W-TOF-AMS plus SP2 Onasch / ARI
Aerosol OC/EC - sub and superum Impactor - thermal/optical analysis Bates / PMEL
Organic aerosol speciation - subum Filter, LCMS Quinn / PMEL
Aerosol inorganic ions - sub and superum, 7-stage Impactor - ion chromatography Quinn / PMEL
Aerosol trace elements - sub and superum Impactor - XRF Quinn / PMEL
Nitrate and sulfate stable isotopes Hi-Vol sampler Savarino / CNRS
Aerosol and Cloud - Physical, Optical, and Radiative Properties
Total and sub-micron aerosol scattering & backscattering (450, 550 and 700 nm) at 60% RH TSI 3563 nephelometers (2) Quinn / PMEL
Total and sub-micron aerosol absorption (450, 550, 700 nm) dry Radiance Research PSAPs (2) Quinn / PMEL
Black carbon SP2 Li / EC
Aerosol thermal volatility Thermal SMPS Covert / UW
Aerosol light scattering hygroscopic growth f(RH) Twin TSI 3563 nephelometers Covert / UW
Total and Sub-micron aerosol extinction, f(RH) Cavity ring-down spect. Cappa / UCDavis
Sub-micron aerosol absorption Photo acoustic Cappa / UCDavis
Aerosol number concentration CNC (TSI 3010, 3025) Bates / PMEL
Aerosol size distribution DMA and APS Bates / PMEL
CCN concentration DMT Quinn / PMEL
Aerosol optical depth MicroTOPS Quinn / PMEL
Radiative fluxes; cloud optical depth, reflectance, and effective radius Spectral radiometers (SSFR) Pilewskie / CU
Cloud liquid water path Microwave radiometer Fairall / PSD
Cloud structure, precip W band cloud radar Fairall / PSD
Seawater Parameters
Seawater/atmospheric CO2 Nondispersive IR Feely / PMEL
Seawater DMS S chemiluminescence Bates / PMEL
Met and Boundary Layer Dynamics
Wind/temperature vertical profiles 915 MHz wind Radar Fairall / ESRL
Wind profiles/microscale turbulence C-band radar Fairall / ESRL
Temperature/relative humidity profiles Radiosondes Fairall / ESRL
Surface energy balance (fluxes) Eddy covariance (bow mounted) Fairall / ESRL
High resolution BL turbulence structure Doppler mini-Sodar Fairall / ESRL
Cloud height Ceilometer Fairall / ESRL
Ancillary measurements
Radon (Rn) Radon gas decay Bates / PMEL
Commercial ship logging AIS Williams / ESRL