Data Analysis Workshop, 16-19 May 2011 Sacramento, CA


Monday, 16 May 2009
Session Chairs: Eileen McCauley and Chet Koblinsky
1300 Welcome James Goldstene
1310 Logistics Eileen McCauley
1315 Introduction Chet Koblinsky
1320 Science Questions to Improve California's Climate and Air Quality Programs PPT file Bart Croes
1335 NOAA and CalNex: Goals and Contributions PPT file David Parrish
1350 Collaboration of the Broader Science Community in CalNex PPT file Steven Wofsy
1405 NOAA's Contribution to Policy Relevant Information: CalNex PPT file A. Ravishankara
1420 Discussion and Questions Chet Koblinsky
1430 Science Questions Related to Emissions & Inventories David Parrish
1440 Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the greater Los Angeles Basin: Compilation of multi-platform measurements in order to characterize the chemical evolution of air masses and their relative contribution to OH reactivity and potential SOA formation Jessica Gilman
1500 Airborne measurements of volatile organic compounds in the Los Angeles Basin, California PPT file Carsten Warneke
1520 Measurements of pollutants and their spatial distributions over the Los Angeles Basin PPT file Ross Cheung
1540 Airborne observations of the weekend ozone effect and precursor emissions in the California Los Angeles Air Basin during CalNex PPT file Ilana Pollack
1620 Emission and trends of VOC precursors in Los Angeles megacity PPT file Agnes Borbon
1640 Traffic related emissions of radical precursors HCHO and HONO in Los Angeles during CalNex PPT file Bernhard Rappenglück
1700 Diurnal variations of CO2 emissions during CalNex-LA: magnitude and sources PPT file Sally Newman
1720 Urban CO2 Emissions from the Los Angeles Basin: Assessing chemistry and dynamics using the suite of tracers measured aboard the CalNex WP-3 Aircraft Steven Wofsy
Tuesday, 17 May 2009
Session Chair: Joost DeGouw
830 Methane Emissions from Point and Area Sources in California PPT file Jeff Peischl
850 Constraints on Methane Emissions from California’s Central Valley using CalNex WP-3 Aircraft Data and a Lagrangian Transport Model PPT file Gregory Santoni
910 Remote Sensing of Spatial Distributions of Greenhouse Gases in the Los Angeles Basin PPT file Dejian Fu
930 Nitrous Oxide Emissions from California Based on Airborne Measurements During CalNex Bin Xiang
950 A Tale of Two Extremes: Contrasting NH3 at the Bakersfield and Pasadena Supersites PPT file Jennifer Murphy
1010 Airborne Measurements of Ammonia and Implications for Ammonium Nitrate Formation in the Central Valley and the South Coast Air Basin of California PPT file John Nowak
1050 Column observations of NOx and OVOC over California during the CalNex and CARES PPT file Rainer Volkamer
Poster Previews (2 minutes each)
Session Chair: Jochen Stutz
1300 Science Questions Related to Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport PPT file Jochen Stutz
1310 Aircraft measurements of NO3 and N2O5 over Los Angeles during CalNex 2010 PPT file Steven Brown
1330 Nocturnal Vertical Gradients of O3, NO2, NO3, HONO, HCHO, and SO2 in Los Angeles, CA, during CalNex 2010 PPT file Catalina Tsai
1350 Glyoxal and Formaldehyde Measurements in the Southern San Joaquin Valley: Comparison with CMAQ Model Results and Analysis of Formaldehyde Sources Frank Keutsch
1410 Nocturnal Chemistry Observed from the R/V Atlantis during CalNex PPT file Nicholas Wagner
1430 Airborne Measurements of Nitryl Chloride and Implications for Chlorine Activation in the South Coast Air Basin of California PPT file James Roberts
1530 Sensitivity of ozone production to organic nitrate formation in the urban outflows of Sacramento and Los Angeles Ellie Browne
1550 Contribution of nitrous acid to the urban Los Angeles radical budget Cora Young
1610 WRF/Chem Simulation of Ozone and NOx Precursors in the LA Basin during the 2010 CalNex Campaign PPT file Dan Chen
1630 Photochemical Air Quality Modeling in California during the CalNex Period Ajith Kaduwela
1650 Chemical and Aerosol Data Assimilation and Forecasting Experiments during CalNex PPT file Bradley Pierce
Poster Previews (2 minutes each)
Wednesday, 18 May 2009
Session Chairs: Jochen Stutz & Jose Jimenez
830 Ozone transport from the free troposphere into the Los Angeles basin PPT file Andy Neuman
850 Airborne lidar measurements of horizontal and vertical ozone transport in southern California during CalNex 2010 PPT file Christoph Senff
910 Stratosphere-troposphere transport in southern California during CalNex or LRT of Asian pollutants in Central California during CalNex PPT file Andy Langford
930 Discussion of insights, planned papers and potential collaborations related to atmospheric chemistry and transport Jochen Stutz
950 Science Questions Related to Aerosols PPT file Jose Jimenez
1000 Characterization of black carbon containing aerosol particles measured by the soot particle aerosol mass spectrometer (SP-AMS) onboard the R/V Atlantis during the 2010 CalNex study PPT file Paola Massoli
1040 Absorption by ambient aerosols during CalNex PPT file Chris Cappa
1100 Measurements of light absorption spectra of fine particle aqueous extracts during CalNex PPT file Xiaolu Zhang
1120 Black Carbon and Coating Measurements at Pasadena PPT file James Allan
Session Chair: Jose Jimenez
1300 The study of cloud and aerosol properties during CalNex using spectral methods PPT file Patrick McBride
1320 Regional Assessment of Organic PM during CalNex, Cal-Mex, and CARES PPT file Lynn Russell
1340 Chemical and Physical Properties of Aerosols Measured Onboard the R/V Atlantis during CalNex PPT file Tim Bates
1400 Optical and Cloud Nucleating Properties of Aerosols Measured during CalNex: Dependence on Sources and Aging PPT file Trish Quinn
1420 Molecular Characterization of Organic Aerosols from the Los Angeles Ground Site during the CalNex 2010 Campaign Using High- Resolution Mass Spectrometry PPT file Alex Laskin
1440 Aerosol Composition in Los Angeles During the 2010 CalNex Campaign Studied by High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometry PPT file Patrick Hayes
1500 Results from thermal-desorption proton-transfer-reaction mass- spectrometry (TD-PTR-MS) measurements at the CalTech ground site in May/June 2010 PPT file Rupert Holzinger
1540 Aircraft Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements over the Los Angeles Basin during CalNex PPT file Jill Craven
Poster Previews (2 minutes each)
Thursday, 19 May 2009
Poster Session
Session Chair: Allen Goldstein
1030 Temporal variations of aerosol components in Tijuana, Mexico, during the Cal-Mex campaign PPT file Satoshi Takahama
1050 Source Signatures of Organic Compounds and Particle Growth in Bakersfield, CA PPT file Lars Ahlm
1110 Secondary Organic Aerosol Contributions during CalNex, Bakersfield PPT file Tadeusz Kleindienst
1130 Ambient aerosol measurement during CalNex2010 using a newly developed combined Thermal desorption Aerosol GC (TAG) and Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) instrument: TAG-AMS PPT file Thorsten Hohaus
1300 Insights from the CARES Campaign in Northern California – Biogenic SOA formation and roles in New Particle Growth PPT file Ari Setyan
1320 Characterization of Organic Aerosol Formation and Processing in California from Airborne Measurements PPT file Roya Bahreini
1340 Contrasting SOA formation mechanisms observed at two urban sites PPT file Xiaolu Zhang
1400 Diurnal cycle of fossil and non-fossil total carbon using 14C analyses during CalNex PPT file Peter Zotter
1420 Discussion of insights, planned papers and potential collaborations related to aerosols PPT file Allen Goldstein
1440 Policy Relevant Summary Document PPT file David Parrish
1450 Future Activities David Parrish

Atlantis Data Workshop, 11-13 January 2011 UC Davis


WP-3D Planning Meeting, 6 April 2009 Boulder, CO

Overview PPT file zipped Parrish

Information PPT file zipped Ryerson

CalNex Planning Meeting, 5-6 January 2009 Boulder, CO


Monday, 5 January 2009
900 Welcome PPT file zipped Fehsenfeld
915 CalNex CARB overview PPT file zipped McCauley
935 CalNex science overview PPT file zipped Parrish
1000 Early results from ARCTAS-CA PPT file zipped Singh
Mobile platforms
1045 NOAA Ron Brown PPT file zipped Quinn
1115 NOAA P-3 PPT file zipped Ryerson
115 NOAA Twin Otter PPT file zipped Hardesty
145 DOE G1 PPT file zipped Shaw
Surface remote sensing
215 surface-based profilers PPT file zipped Wilczak
245 LA ground site: DOAS PPT file zipped Stutz
300 LA ground site: SOA PPT file zipped de Gouw and Jimenez
330 Central Valley ground site PPT file zipped de Gouw
345 Existing sites/measurements: light aircraft PPT file zipped Karion
400 Existing sites/measurements: monitoring PPT file zipped Andrews
415 Existing sites/measurements: energy balance PPT file zipped Pendergrass
Satellite remote sensing
430 satellite data and products PPT file zipped Kim
445 MOPPITT and IASI PPT file zipped Emmons
500 RAQMS PPT file zipped Pierce
Central Valley grid PPT file zipped Blake
Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Opportunities for joint work
900 charge for joint work discussions PPT file zipped Ryerson
905 interbasin transport PPT file zipped Wilczak/Hardesty/Parrish
935 offshore transport and recirculation PPT file zipped Tucker/Fairall/Brown
1005 chemical processing - gas and aerosol PPT file zipped Ryerson/Brock/de Gouw
1050 aerosol direct radiative effects PPT file zipped Quinn/Murphy/Pilewskie
1120 aerosol indirect/cloud effects PPT file zipped Pilewskie/Feingold/Brock
1150 measurement comparisons PPT file zipped Ryerson
1200 Wrap-up and action items PPT file zipped Fehsenfeld