2020 News & Events

CIRES Rendezvous CSL Achievements and Accomplishments

14 August 2020

The University of Colorado CIRES Rendezvous on August 14th recognized several of our colleagues. We highlight research achievements and other accomplishments of CIRES staff working at CSL who have received recent awards and honors, and participated in this year's virtual CIRES Rendezvous.

Carsten Warneke received a 2020 CIRES Outstanding Performance Award in the Science and Engineering category for exceptional leadership in advancing atmospheric fire science in FireLab, FIREX-AQ, and beyond. Read More

Kai-Lan Chang, Owen Cooper and Audrey Gaudel, along with Global Monitoring Division (GMD) colleague Irina Petropavlovskikh, received a 2020 CIRES Outstanding Performance Award in the category of Science and Engineering for generating global, accessible data on tropospheric ozone and advancing research on its temporal change and impact on climate, agriculture and human health. Read More

Carsten Warneke CIRES at CSL TOAR team
Carsten Warneke, Owen Cooper, Audrey Gaudel and Kai-Lan Chang received a 2020 CIRES Outstanding Performance Award in Science and Engineering

CSL staff are recognized for career track promotions within CIRES: Macy Morgan to Associate Scientist (AS) II; Jeff Peischl to Senior Associate Scientist (SAS); Megan Bela, Alessandro Franchin, Tom Goren, and Gregory Schill to Research Scientist (RS) II; Yelena Pichugina and Eric Ray to Senior Research Scientist (SRS).

Several CSL scientists are recognized for milestones in their years of service with CIRES: Brian McDonald (5), Nick Wagner (10), Karl Froyd (15), Yelena Pichugina (15), Brandi McCarty (20), Wayne Angevine (25), Richard Marchbanks (25), Cathy Burgdorf Rasco (25), and Kenneth Aikin (30).

Brandi McCarty Waye Angevine Richard Marchbanks Cathy Burgdorf Rasco Ken Aikin
Service Award recipients Brandi McCarty (20 years), Wayne Angevine (25 years), Richard Marchbanks (25 years), Cathy Burgdorf Rasco (25 years), Ken Aikin (30 years)

CSL presented science highlights in a TED style talk to kick off the afternoon poster sessions. Two of the four were given by:

Many in CSL contributed to the virtual poster sessions. Of 112 poster presentations, 16 CSL researchers were first authors (14.3%). Three CSL researchers were co-authors (without a CSL first author).

Joe Katich (as Vice Chair and our CSL representative) on the CIRES Members' Council (CMC) provided leadership and support for the very successful and first virtual 2020 CIRES Rendezvous on August 14th.