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CIRES Rendezvous CSL Awards and Honors

16 May 2024

The University of Colorado CIRES Rendezvous on May 16th recognized several of our colleagues. We highlight research achievements and other accomplishments of CIRES staff working at CSL who have received recent awards and honors, and participated in this year's CIRES Rendezvous.

Yunqian Zhu

Yunqian Zhu along with Global Monitoring Laboratory (GML) colleagues Elizabeth Asher (formerly CSL), Patrick Cullis, Emrys Hall, Dale Hurst, and Allen Jordan received a 2024 CIRES Silver Medal for successfully executing a rapid response campaign to study the atmospheric impact of the unprecedented Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano eruption. Read More

CSL staff are recognized for career track promotions within CIRES: Colin Harkins to Associate Scientist (AS) II; Alexandre Baron, Brian Carroll, Dillon Elsbury, Isabel McCoy, Victoria Treadaway,Daniel Van Hoomissen, and Vassilis Papadimitriou to Research Scientist (RS) II; Jan Kazil and Christoph Senff to Senior Research Scientist (SRS).

Several CSL scientists are recognized for milestones in their years of service with CIRES: Adam Ahern (5), Kai-Lan Chang (5), Yaosheng Chen (5), Jake Gristey (5), Meng Li (5), Jan Kazil (15), Eric Ray (25), Wayne Angevine (30), and Cathy Burgdorf Rasco (30).

Alex Baron

Early-career CIRES scientists presented science highlights in flash talks to kick off the honors. One of the five was given by CSL:

  • Alex Baron: Ballooning into the Stratospheric Aerosol Layer: A Climate Journey

Many in CSL contributed to the poster session. Of 136 poster presentations, 15 CSL researchers were first authors (11%). CSL researchers were co-authors on 6 posters (without a CSL first author).

The day began with the annual CIRES "Rundezvous" with a strong finish from CSL. In the womens division, Kate Smith finished first, followed by Eleanor Waxman finishing second. In the mens division, Alex Baron finished third. Congratulations runners!

Our CSL representatives Yelena Pichugina and Siyuan Wang and the CIRES Members' Council (CMC) provided support for the very successful 2024 CIRES Rendezvous on May 16th.