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Fire Research

2016 - 2023

NOAA and CIRES researchers have led efforts to better understand the atmospheric implications of biomass burning and forest fires. Our scientists conducted air quality studies and made observations during multiple prescribed and wildfire occurrences, and field campaigns during wildfire season in the western U.S. These efforts have resulted in scientific findings related to ozone pollution and other air quality challenges, as well as stratospheric aerosol resulting in climate change. CSL researchers have published or contributed to peer-reviewed science papers on these topics:

Field Campaigns

CalFiDE 2022
CalFiDE 2022: Observing Large-Scale Fires from the Air and the Road Read More

Marshall Fire AQ Response
Marshall Fire AQ Response: Investigating lingering air quality effects Read More

FIREX-AQ 2019: Where there's fire, there's smoke – and secrets for science to uncover Read More

FIREX Firelab 2016
FIREX Firelab 2016: Researchers Take a Comprehensive Look at Wildfire Effects on Air Quality and Climate Read More