FIREX-AQ Publications

Peer-reviewed FIREX-AQ research published by participating scientists. This list is subject to change and updated as information becomes available.


Johnson, M.S., K. Strawbridge, K.E. Knowland, C. Keller, M. Travis, Long-range transport of Siberian biomass burning emissions to North America during FIREX-AQ, Atmospheric Environment, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2021.118241, 2021.

Pagonis, D., Campuzano-Jost, P., Guo, H., Day, D.A., Schueneman, M.K., Brown, W.L., Nault, B.A., Stark, H., Siemens, K., Laskin, A., Piel, F., Tomsche, L., Wisthaler, A., Coggon, M.M., Gkatzelis, G.I., Halliday, H.S., Krechmer, J.E., Moore, R.H., Thomson, D.S., Warneke, C., Wiggins, E.B., Jimenez, J.L., Airborne extractive electrospray mass spectrometry measurements of the chemical composition of organic aerosol, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, doi:10.5194/amt-2020-395, 2021.


Chandra, B.P., C.D. McClure, J. Mulliga, D.A. Jaffe, Optimization of a method for the detection of biomass-burning relevant VOCs in urban areas using thermal desorption gas chromatography mass spectrometry, Atmosphere, doi:10.3390/atmos11030276, 2020.

Jaffe D., S.M. O'Neill, N.K. Larkin, A.L. Holder, D.L. Peterson, J.E. Halofsky, A.G. Rappold, Wildfire and prescribed burning impacts on air quality in the United States, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, doi:10.1080/10962247.2020.1749731, 2020.

Nault, B.A., Campuzano-Jost, P., Day, D. A., Guo, H., Jo, D.S., Handschy, A.V., Pagonis, D., Schroder, J.C., Schueneman, M.K., Cubison, M.J., Dibb, J.E., Hodzic, A., Hu, W., Palm, B.B., Jimenez, J.L., Interferences with aerosol acidity quantification due to gas-phase ammonia uptake onto acidic sulfate filter samples, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, doi:10.5194/amt-13-6193-2020, 2020.

Rollins, A.W., P.S. Rickly, R.-S. Gao, T.B. Ryerson, S.S. Brown, J. Peischl, I. Bourgeois, Single-photon laser-induced fluorescence detection of nitric oxide at sub-parts per trillion mixing ratios, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, doi:10.5194/amt-13-2425-2020, 2020.

Sekimoto K., A.R. Koss, Modern mass spectrometry in atmospheric sciences: Measurement of volatile organic compounds in the troposphere using proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, doi:10.1002/jms.4619, 2020

Wiggins, E.B., Soja, A.J., Gargulinski, E., Halliday, H.S., Pierce, R.B., Schmidt, C.C., et al. (LARGE), High-resolution satellite observations of fire radiative power reveal link between fire behavior and aerosol and gas emissions, Geophysical Research Letters Special Issue: Fire in the Earth System, doi:10.1029/2020GL090707, 2020.

Journal articles submitted or in preparation:

Moore, R.H., et al. (LARGE), Sizing response of the ultra-high sensitivity aerosol size spectrometer (UHSAS) and laser aerosol spectrometer (LAS) to changes in submicron aerosol composition and refractive index, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, submitted, 2021.

Zhou, D.K. et al., Wildfire-induced CO plume observations from NAST-I during the FIREX-AQ field campaign, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, submitted, 2020.

Decker et al., Dark oxidation chemistry in wildfire plumes observed mid-day and near sunset during FIREX-AQ, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, in prep, 2021.

Decker et al., Spatial and temportal evolution of reactive VOCs in western wildfire smoke plumes, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Franchin et al., Relations between chemical composition and optical properties of BBOA contrasting daytime vs nighttime and center-plume vs edges, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Fredrickson et al., HONO enhancement ratios in daytime and nighttime wildfire plumes and their evolution in time, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Katich et al., Unique fingerprints constrain pyrocumulonimbus’s impact on the lower stratosphere, Science, in prep, 2021.

Lamplugh et al., An Intercomparison of FIREX-AQ VOC Instruments Onboard the NASA DC-8, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Liao J., et al., Formaldehyde evolution in wildfire plumes, TBD, in prep, 2021.

McCarty et al., What is burning: Uncertainties in labeling small fire activity in the contiguous U.S. from existing land-cover/lad-use products, International Journal of Digital Earth, in prep, 2021.

Nowell, Fite, Holmes et al., Fuel and smoke sampling on the ground at Blackwater River State Forest (FL) fire, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Pagonis et al., Deconvolution of partitioning delays from time-resolved measurements, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, in prep, 2021.

Pagonis et al., Quantification of primary organic aerosol evaporation and secondary organic aerosol formation: Measurements and modeling of biomass burning plume aging, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Peterson et al., Detailed measurements of the Williams Flats pyroCb event, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, in prep, 2021.

Schoeberl et al., Coarse mode aerosol in biomass burning aerosol layers during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Sekimoto, K., et al, Parameterization of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Western US Wildfires, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Soja and colleagues, Characterizing eastern fires during FIREX-AQ from space , TBD, in prep, 2021.

Soja and colleagues, Defining the vertical extent of smoke from space: Comparing CALIOP and HSRL lidar data during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Soja et al., Emissions: Comparions with FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Soja et al. (Fuel2Fire), FIREX-AQ Western Emissions: Lessons learned, Journal of Geophysical Research, in prep, 2021.

Thapa, L.H., et al, Evaluating WRF-Chem forecasted plume heights against DIAL-HSRL observations, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Travis, M., et al., Emission factors from agricultural fires during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Warneke C., et al., FIREX-AQ overview, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, in prep, 2021.

Ye, X., et al., Performance evaluation and intercomparison of multiple models for biomass-burning smoke forecasts, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, in prep, 2021.

Zeng et al., Characteristics and evolution of aerosol brown carbon in wildfires measured from the DC-8 during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2021.

Zeng et al., Development and evaluation of online water-soluble brown carbon measuring systems for aircraft sampling, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, in prep, 2021.

Adachi et al,, Ash aerosol particles from biomass burning, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Ahern, A., et al., Retrieval of aerosol optical and microphysical properties using polarized scattering measurements, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Bela, M., Schwantes, R., McKeen, S., Ahmadov, R., et al., Emissions effects on prediction of air quality impacts from fires, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Bourgeois, I., et al., Comparison of airborne measurements of NO, NO2, HONO, HCN, HNCO and CO during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Bourgeois, I., et al., Evolution of the NOy budget in smoke plumes during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Gkatzelis et al., Organic and nitrogen emissions from wildfire plumes observed during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Guo, H., et al., Organic sulfur and nitrogen in fresh and aged fire plumes: Detection, chemistry and impacts on particle acidity, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Holmes, et al., Critical evaluation of smoke ages inferred from different methods, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Kondragunta and Ciren, Heterogeneity of smoke as observed by SNPP VIIRS and ER2 eMAS, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Kumar, A., Pierce, B., Lenzen, A., Ahmadov, R., Schwarz, J., Jimenez, J., et. al., WRF-Chem aerosol predictions over CONUS during FIREX-AQ with GOES-16 fire radiative power emissions and plumerise, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Lindsay, Wood, et al., O3 photochemistry and peroxy radical measurements in aged BB plumes, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, in prep, 2020.

Majluf et al., FIREX 2018/2019 volatile organic compounds (VOC) measurements: emissions, factor analysis and aging from mobile proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer, Environmental Science & Technology, in prep, 2020.

Rickly, P. et al., Emission factors and evolution of SO2 measured from biomass burning during FIREX-AQ, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Robinson et al., Rapidly changing ozone - NOx - VOC chemistry in western wildfire plumes: A comparison of afternoon and evening photochemistry, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Selimovic V., et al., Comparing WF trace gas and aerosol ratios (BC, OA, PM) across platforms to ambient WF smoke measurements in MSO, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, in prep, 2020.

Tomsche et al., Ammonia in fire emissions: emission factors and fueltype dependencies, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Wagner, N., et al., Aerosol Absorption budgets in wildfires, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Wang, S.-Y., et al., Turbulence-chemistry interaction in fresh wildland fire plume: LES-chemistry simulation, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Washenfelder, R., et al., Brown carbon lifetime in wildfire plumes, TBD, in prep, 2020.

Xu et al., O3 formation in western wildfires, TBD, in prep, 2020.