Platform: Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory

Who: Investigators and mission support include Aerodyne Research Inc. and university and contract research organizations.

Aerodyne Mobile Lab
Photo: S. Herndon, Aerodyne

The Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory (AML) deploys to McCall, Idaho as part of the ground component of the FIREX-AQ project. It travels to fire-impacted valley towns in the northwest U.S. in August of 2019, equipped with a suite of fast instrumentation for measuring trace gases, volatile organic hydrocarbons and particulate matter. It will quantify emissions, near-field smoke chemistry both day and night, and near-surface vertical structure. The AML welcomes guest researchers from University of California Berkeley, Aerosol Dynamics, Montana State University, University of California Riverside, University of Colorado Boulder, Washington University in St. Louis, North Carolina A&T State University. The AML operates in coordination with other research platforms, including the NOAA Twin Otter duo, the NASA Langley Mobile Laboratory and the NASA DC-8.

Aerodyne Research Inc. acknowledges funding from the NOAA AC4 program. Contact Scott Herndon for more information.

Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory Instruments