Platform: Ground Site

Idaho DEQ

Boise, ID

Hosted by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Observations and Sampling Location

Operating at the St. Luke's Meridian site 1 August - 10 September 2019:

InvestigatorAffiliationInstrument / Measurement Info
Idaho DEQStandard NCORE observations including CO, NOy, O3, PM2.5, etc.
Dan JaffeUniversity of Washington"Suitcase VOC sampler", spectrally resolved UV flux (with Flynn and Hall)
Ezra WoodDrexel UniversityHOx, NO/NO2
Russell Long
Matt Landis
EPA Office of Research and Developmentvariety of instrumentation specific to their goals
truck and trailer with montoring equipment
Idaho DEQ monitoring site at St. Luke's Meridian

Key Research Goals

  1. Evaluate different methods to get O3 production in smoke influenced air masses (e.g. NO*HOx, dO3/dT).
  2. Evaluate consistency of extended Leighton relationship with observations of NOx and HOx.
  3. Examine NOx and VOC sensitivity to O3 production in urban influenced/smoke plumes.
  4. Examine J values as a function of PM in smoke plumes.
  5. Test new OVOC sampler ("suitcase sampler") as a tool to identify presence of smoke at low concentrations in urban areas.