Platform: NOAA-MET Twin Otter Payload

The payload for this platform is purposely being kept light in order to maximize the endurance of the aircraft. The aircraft will fly above the plume when possible in order to provide complete vertical coverage of dynamics and aerosol concentration throughout the plume. When studying the inflow characteristics of the active fire, finer horizontal resolution requirements may dictate that the aircraft fly at lower altitudes.

aircraft payload schematic
Instrument layout for FIREX-AQ NOAA-MET Twin Otter aircraft
PIInstitutionInstrument / PackageMode / Sub elementInfoProduct
Alan Brewer
Paul Schroeder
NOAA ESRL CSDMicro-pulse Doppler lidarConical Scanning
Vertical Scanning
LOS wind Speed & Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI)Horizontal wind profiles
Vertical wind & ABI profiles
Ru-Shan Gao
Troy Thornberry
NOAA ESRL CSDFire Radiative PowerScanning Radiometers
1.6μm & 4μm
7.5 - 13.5μm
Scan range ±30° from nadir
TO Met package P, T, RH
GPS/INSPos / Orientation info20Hz Rate