Platform: Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory Instruments

Instrument / MethodMeasurementType
Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy (TILDAS)CO, HCN, HCHO, C2H6, NO, NO2, H2O, CH4, C2H2, N2O, HCOOH, NH3Gas Phase
Non-dispersive infraredCO2Gas Phase
UV absorptionO3Gas Phase
Vocus-Proton Transfer Reaction (PTR) mass spectrometeroxygenated and nitrogen-containing volatile organic compounds, including aromaticsGas Phase
High-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS)particulate matter size and compositionAerosol
Multiwavelength photoacoustic spectrometer/nephelometerquantification of particulate matter optical characteristics of wildfire smoke and brown-carbon particulate matterAerosol
Spectral radiometerquantification of sunlight available to initiate atmospheric chemistryRadiation
Ceilometervertical structure of the atmosphereAtmospheric Structure and Meteorology
Global positioning system, wind, and other meteorological parametersAtmospheric Structure and Meteorology