Fall AGU Presentations

Presentations given at the 2004 Fall AGU Meeting related to the NEAQS-ITCT 2004 NOAA WP-3D, NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown, or Chebogue Point components. Poster presentations shaded in yellow.

Session First Author Title
A14A-01 Mon
MCC:3004 16:00
Flocke, F Fast time resolution airborne measurements of PANs during the New England Air Quality Study 2004 intensive
A22A-01 Tues
MCC:3020 10:20
Ryerson, T B Evaluating NOx emissions, and emissions changes, using instrumented aircraft
A22A-05 Tues
MCC:3020 11:20
Brown, S S Aircraft Observations of NO3 and N2O5 During NEAQS/ICARTT 2004
A22A-09 Tues
MCC:3020 12:08
Frost, G J Effects of Changing Emissions on Ozone and Particulates in the Northeastern United States
A23A-0765 Tues
MCC:level 2 13:40
Osthoff, H Simultaneous Measurement of NO2, NO3 and N2O5 by Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy During NEAQS-ITCT 2004
A41A-0012 Thurs
MCC:level 1 08:00
Peltier, R Initial Results of Airborne Measurements of PM1.0 Inorganic Ions and Water Soluble Organic Carbon During the New England Air Quality Study, Summer 2004
A42B-04 Thurs
MCC:3018 11:20
Swanson, A L Characterization of a TD-CIMS instrument for aircraft measurements of PeroxyAcetyl Nitrate (PAN) compounds
A42B-07 Thurs
MCC:3018 12:05
Herndon, S Airborne Formaldehyde and Formic Acid Measurements Using a Pulsed QC Laser During NEAQS/ITCT 2004
A43C-0062 Thurs
MCC:level 1 13:40
Goldan, P D Chemical age of air Masses Determined From Ambient Volatile Organic Compound Measurements During NEAQS 2004
A43E-01 Thurs
MCC:3018 13:40
Quinn, P K Particulate Organic Matter Downwind of the NE U.S. and its Role in Light Extinction and the Relative Humidity Dependence of Light Extinction during ICARTT
A43E-04 Thurs
MCC:3018 14:25
Baynard, T Atmospheric Measurement of Optical Extinction by Aerosol Using the Cavity Ring-down Technique
A44B-03 Thurs
MCC:3018 16:30
Bates, T S Chemical Processing of an Urban Plume Crossing the Gulf of Maine
A44B-04 Thurs
MCC:3018 16:45
Hudson, P K Physical and chemical processing of individual particles acquired during the New England Air Quality Study
A44B-05 Thurs
MCC:3018 17:00
Middlebrook, A M Preliminary Results of Aerosol Chemical Composition Measurements Above the Northeastern U. S. with an Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
A51C-0797 Fri
MCC level 2 08:00
Wollny, A Performance of an airborne White-Light Optical Particle Counter with an LED light source
A51C-0799 Fri
MCC level 2 08:00
Nowak, J B Evaluation of a CIMS Technique used for Airborne Measurements of Ammonia during the New England Air Quality Study 2004
A51G-01 Fri
MCC:3018 08:00
Trainer, M Tropospheric Photochemistry Reflected in Ambient Measurements of Carbonyls and Alkyl Nitrates
A51G-05 Fri
MCC:3018 09:15
de Gouw, J A Long-Range Transport of Smoke From 2004 Forest Fires in Alaska and Western Canada
A53C-04 Fri
MCC:3018 14:25
Williams, B J Speciated Organic Composition of Atmospheric Aerosols: A New, In-Situ Instrument
A53C-0912 Fri
MCC level 2 13:40
Warneke, C First deployment of a newly developed PIT-MS instrument for VOC measurements: Results from the ITCT-NEAQS 2004 experiment and comparison with GC-MS
A53C-0915 Fri
MCC level 2 13:40
Dube, B An Aircraft Instrument for Simultaneous, In-situ Measurement of NO3 and N2O5 via Cavity Ring-down Spectroscop

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