CSL Seminar Series:

2020 Past Seminars

12 November 2020 The Spring Transition of the North Pacific Jet and its Relation to Deep Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Mass Transport over Western North America
Speaker: Melissa Breeden, NOAA CSL
21 October 2020 Ammonia's Interactions with Air Quality and Climate in Agricultural Regions and the Arctic
Speaker: Jennifer Murphy, University of Toronto
23 September 2020 Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and Other Viruses in Aerosols
Speaker: Linsey Marr, Virginia Tech
9 September 2020 Sources, Fate and Effects of PFAS
Speaker: Elsie Sunderland, Harvard University
26 August 2020 OpenAQ: A global, open air quality data ecosystem
Speaker: Christa Hasenkopf, Director/Co-Founder of OpenAQ.org
19 August 2020 An assessment of Earth's climate sensitivity using multiple lines of evidence
Speaker: Steve Sherwood, University of New South Wales, Australia
12 August 2020 The new particle formation-haze cycle in Beijing, China
Speaker: Lubna Dada, University of Helsinki
29 July 2020 Dispatches from Down Under: How Australian observations are teaching us about the Southern Hemisphere atmosphere
Speaker: Jenny Fisher, University of Wollongong, Australia
1 July 2020 Current and future global climate impacts resulting from COVID-19
Speaker: Piers Forster, Priestley International Centre for Climate, University of Leeds
24 June 2020 The stratospheric water vapor puzzle
Speaker: Paul Konopka, Forschungszentrum Jülich
17 June 2020 Outside in; how outdoor aerosols and indoor sources modify indoor aerosol composition
Speaker: Peter DeCarlo, Johns Hopkins University
27 May 2020 The importance of more complex isoprene and terpene chemistry for simulating surface ozone in the southeastern U.S. at varying horizontal resolutions
Speakers: Rebecca Schwantes, NOAA CSL and CU CIRES
13 May 2020 Some particle properties relevant to virus transmission and masks
Speakers: Dan Murphy and Christina Williamson, NOAA CSL and CU CIRES
29 April 2020 Viewing Climate Signals through an AI Lens
Speaker: Elizabeth A. Barnes, Department of Atmospheric Science, CSU
25 March 2020 Tropospheric ozone is still increasing across the Northern Hemisphere
Speaker: Audrey Gaudel, NOAA ESRL CSD and CU CIRES
11 March 2020 Secondary Organic Aerosol: Formation, Transformation, and Source Apportionment
Speaker: Urs Baltensperger, Paul Scherrer Institut
4 March 2020 Material identification of small particles by forward-scattered wave sensing
Speaker: Nobuhiro Moteki, University of Tokyo
19 February 2020 Quantifying short-lived climate forcers: methane and brown carbon
Speaker: Shane Murphy, University of Wyoming
12 February 2020 The Human Forest: Volatile Chemical Products Contribute to Urban Air Pollution
Speaker: Matt Coggon, NOAA ESRL CSD and CU CIRES
22 January 2020 Climate intervention: A scientific perspective
Speaker: David Fahey, NOAA ESRL CSD