Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes: Instruments

Abbreviation Name Measurement Contact
ACOS Airborne Carbonic Oxides and Sulfide Spectrometer Carbonyl sulfide (OCS), CO, CO2, H20 Drew Rollins
Colin Gurganus
CPMA * Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer Mass/charge of selected aerosol particles Shuka Schwarz
HD-SP2 Humidified Dual Single Particle Soot Photometer Refractory black carbon Shuka Schwarz
NightFox Remote NightFox remote sensing payload IR, fire radiative power Troy Thornberry
Ru-Shan Gao
NO-LIF Nitric Oxide Laser Induced Flouresence Nitric oxide Drew Rollins
POPS Portable Optical Particle Spectrometer Particle size and number Troy Thornberry
Ru-Shan Gao
SO2-LIF Sulfur Dioxide Laser Induced Flourescence Sulfur dioxide Drew Rollins
Pam Rickly
SP2 Single Particle Soot Photometer Refractory black carbon Shuka Schwarz
Strat-CIMS High altitude Chemical Ionization mass spectrometer N2O5, HNO2, halogens, oxygenated organics Drew Rollins
Patrick Veres
UASO3 Unmanned Aircraft System Ozone Photometer Ozone Troy Thornberry
Ru-Shan Gao
Water Tunable Diode Laser absorption spectrometer Water vapor/total water Troy Thornberry
Drew Rollins
WIBS Wide Band Bioaerosol Sensor Bioaerosol size, characterization Shuka Schwarz

* CSL has a Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA), a device for selecting aerosol particles by their mass-to-charge ratio. The CPMA is available throughout the lab to help advance our science. Use the NOAA CSL CPMA Calendar to reserve the instrument.