Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes: Instruments

Abbreviation Name Measurement Contact
ACOS Airborne Carbonic Oxides and Sulfide Spectrometer Carbonyl sulfide (OCS), CO, CO2, H20 Drew Rollins
Colin Gurganus
CPMA * Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer Mass/charge of selected aerosol particles Shuka Schwarz
HD-SP2 Humidified Dual Single Particle Soot Photometer Refractory black carbon Shuka Schwarz
NightFox Remote NightFox remote sensing payload IR, fire radiative power Troy Thornberry
NO-LIF Nitric Oxide Laser Induced Flouresence Nitric oxide Drew Rollins
POPS Portable Optical Particle Spectrometer Particle size and number Troy Thornberry
SO2-LIF Sulfur Dioxide Laser Induced Flourescence Sulfur dioxide Drew Rollins
Pam Rickly
SP2 Single Particle Soot Photometer Refractory black carbon Shuka Schwarz
Strat-CIMS High altitude Chemical Ionization mass spectrometer N2O5, HNO2, halogens, oxygenated organics Drew Rollins
Gordon Novak
UASO3 Unmanned Aircraft System Ozone Photometer Ozone Troy Thornberry
Water Tunable Diode Laser absorption spectrometer Water vapor/total water Troy Thornberry
Drew Rollins
WIBS Wide Band Bioaerosol Sensor Bioaerosol size, characterization Shuka Schwarz

* CSL has a Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA), a device for selecting aerosol particles by their mass-to-charge ratio. The CPMA is available throughout the lab to help advance our science. Use the NOAA CSL CPMA Calendar to reserve the instrument.