Platform: NASA DC-8 Payload

The NASA DC-8 instrument payload is chosen to characterize the atmospheric composition in urban and marine environments with more detailed in-situ measurements than any previous aircraft campaign. The payload will be capable of addressing all of the major science questions for AEROMMA. We propose to equip the NASA DC-8 aircraft with a complete set of gas phase, aerosol composition and optical properties, and radiation measurements. Most instruments will have a high enough sampling frequency to be able to do wavelet eddy covariance flux measurements to determine emissions and deposition of VOCs, NOx, CO, CO2, and CH4.

aircraft payload schematic
Proposed instrument layout for AEROMMA NASA DC-8 aircraft
Species MeasuredTechniquePIInstitution
Gas Phase measurements
O3, NO, NO2, NOyNOyO3Andrew Rollins, Steven Brown, Jeff PeischlNOAA CSL
HPMTF, PANs, HONO, OVOCs, ClNO2, organic nitrogenIodide ToF-CIMS (I- CIMS)Patrick Veres, Chris JerniganNOAA CSL
CO, CO2, CH4, H2OCavity Enhanced Absorption (LGR+Picarro)Jeff PeischlNOAA CSL
SO2Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF-SO2)Andrew Rollins, Colin GurganusNOAA CSL
OCSCavity Enhanced AbsorptionAndrew RollinsNOAA CSL
NH3Open-Path Ammonia Laser Spectrometer (OPALS)Mark ZondloPrinceton
CH3COCHO, CHOCHO, NO2, UV aerosol extinctionCavity Enhanced Spectrometer (ACES)Carrie WomackNOAA CSL
NO2, O3, NO3, N2O5NightNOx (NNOx)Steven BrownNOAA CSL
Speciated hydrocarbons and OVOCsH3O+ Proton-Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (VOCUS-PTR-MS)Carsten WarnekeNOAA CSL
C2-C10 Alkanes, C2-C4 Alkenes, C6-C9 Aromatics, C1-C5 Alkylnitrates, etc.Integrated Whole Air Sampling (iWAS)Jessica GilmanNOAA CSL
Hydro- and halocarbonsPortable Flask Package (PFP)John MillerNOAA GML
Formaldehyde (HCHO)Laser Induced Fluorescence (ISAF)Jennifer KaiserGeorgia Tech
OH reactivityDirect OH loss rate by LP–LIF (OHR)Hendrik FuchsFZ Juelich
H2O2, organic peroxides, organic acids, isoprene oxidation products, etc.CalTech-CIMS (CT-CIMS)Paul WennbergCalTech
Aerosol measurements (physical/optical/chemical)
Bulk aerosol composition, HNO3Filter sampling and mist chamber (PiLS-IC)Amy SullivanCSU
BrCSpectro-photometer (BrC PiLS)Amy SullivanCSU
Aerosol absorption and extinction at multiple wavelengths and RHCavity ringdown extinction and photoacoustic absorption spectrometers (AOP)Charles BrockNOAA CSL
Aerosol scattering phase function at UV and visible (blue) wavelengthsLaser Imaging Nephelometer (Li-Neph)Dan MurphyNOAA CSL
Aerosol number density, size distribution, and physical properties, CCNParticle counters, nephelometers, etc. (UHSAS, CMASS, NMASS, CCN) (AMP)Charles Brock
Rich Moore
BC concentration, size, mixing stateHumidified Dual Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2)Joshua SchwarzNOAA CSL
Submicron aerosol compositionAerosol mass spectrometer (HR-AMS)Ann MiddlebrookNOAA CSL
Submicron aerosol compositionVocus Inlet for Aerosols with NH4+ Long Time-of-Flight Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer detection (VIA-LToF-CIMS)Carsten WarnekeNOAA CSL
Single particle compositionPALMSDaniel CziczoPurdue
Cloud probesCAREBernadett WeinzierlUniversity of Vienna
Radiation / Remote sensing / Meteorology
Zenith/nadir solar actinic flux and photolysis frequencies4π-sr spectroradiometry (CCD)Birger BohnFZ Juelich
Scanning High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (S-HIS)thermal radiation at high spectral resolutionJoseph TaylorSSEC, University of Wisconsin
3D winds, turbulence, Reynolds numberMeteorological Measurement System (MMS)Thaopaul BuiNASA ARC