Staff Listing

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Name Group Affiliation Phone Email
Office of the Director
Daniel, John
Doherty, Sarah
Fahey, David
Fehsenfeld, Fred
Knott, Ronda
Kuster, William
McLaughlin, Richard
Melamed, Megan
Thompson, Chelsea
Williams, Eric
Computing & Networking Resources
Fox, Jenny
Hasnat, Xen
Jamieson, Kenneth
Ohlhorst, Doug
Rasco, Catherine
Tisinai, Richard
Administrative Office
Clarke, Jessika
Fisher, Debra
Gibbons, Sara CSL2 CSL3 CSL7
Nyul, Angela
Serkes, Nan
Thorne, Ann
Waters, Jeanne
Weable, Catherine CSL4 CSL5 CSL6
Aerosol Properties & Processes
Abou-Ghanem, Maya
Ahern, Adam
Brock, Charles
Fodel, Anthony
Law, Daniel
Lawler, Michael
Murphy, Daniel
Pokhrel, Rudra
Schill, Gregory
Simone, Dylan
Taylor, Samuel
Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Alvarez, Raul
Baidar, Sunil
Banta, Robert
Brewer, Alan
Carroll, Brian
Hardesty, Mike
Holloway, Maxwell
Langford, Andrew
Makowiecki, Amanda
Marchbanks, Richard
McCarty, Brandi
Pichugina, Yelena
Sandberg, Scott
Senff, Christoph
Strobach, Edward
Zucker, Michael
Regional Chemical Modeling
Angevine, Wayne
Bela, Megan
Chang, Kai-Lan
Cooper, Owen
Francoeur, Colby
Frost, Gregory
Gamarro, Harold
Gaudel, Audrey
Harkins, Colin
He, Jian
Hsu, Chia-Hua
Li, Meng
Lyu, Congmeng
McDonald, Brian
Schwantes, Rebecca
Trainer, Michael
Verreyken, Bert
Wang, Siyuan
Yu, Katelyn
Zhu, Qindan
Chemical Processes & Instrument Development
Assaf, Emmanuel
Burkholder, James
Chattopadhyay, Aparajeo
Finewax, Zachary
Kucinski, Theresa
Papadimitriou, Vassilis
Price, Derek
Roberts, James
VanHoomissen, Daniel
Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes
Asher, Elizabeth
Ciciora, Steven
Gao, RuShan
Gurganus, Colin
Jensen, Eric
Lee, Samantha
Michailoudi, Georgia
Novak, Gordon
Rickly, Pamela
Rollins, Andrew
Schwarz, Joshua
Thornberry, Troy
Todt, Michael
Waxman, Eleanor
Tropospheric Chemistry
Aikin, Kenneth
Breitenlechner, Martin
Brown, Steven
Chace, Wyndom
Coggon, Matthew
Gilman, Jessica
Middlebrook, Ann
Peischl, Jeff
Piasecki, Alison
Robinson, Michael
Stockwell, Chelsea
Veres, Patrick
Warneke, Carsten
Washenfelder, Rebecca
Womack, Caroline
Xu, Lu
Zuraski, Kristen
Chemistry & Climate Processes
Butler, Amy
Davis, Sean
Elsbury, Dillon
Granier, Claire
Jia, Yue
Maloney, Christopher
Miller, Henry
Portmann, Robert
Ray, Eric
Rosenlof, Karen
Clouds, Aerosol, & Climate
Chen, Yaosheng
Diamond, Michael
Feingold, Graham
Gristey, Jake
Kazil, Jan
Prabhakaran, Prasanth
Yamaguchi, Tak
Yang, Chen-Kuang
Zhang, Jianhao
Zhou, Xiaoli