Composition and Transport in the Tropical Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Meeting


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Some reflections on the history of key scientific advances and current challenges in understanding the tropical UTLSS. Solomon
Upper troposphere/lower stratosphere compositionChair: N. Livesay
Composition and physical properties of the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer and the North American Tropospheric Aerosol LayerP. Yu
Aerosol Composition and Volatility in TTL - In situ Balloon Borne Measurements and sampling over Biak IndonesiaM. Hayashi
Correcting the record of volcanic stratospheric aerosol impact: Nabro and Sarychev PeakM. Fromm
Composition and sources of aerosol in the upper troposphere/lowermost stratosphereV. Aquila
Trace gas sources and distributions in the tropical troposphere and TTLE. Atlas
Science questions and measurement strategies within the European research project StratoClimM. Rex
Strateole 2: A Unique Super Pressure Balloon Campaign For Long Duration, Quasi-Lagrangian, Chemical And Dynamical Measurements In The Tropical Tropopause LayerL. Kalnajs
Equatorial middle atmospheric chemical composition changes during sudden stratospheric warming events *O. Nath
Ozone in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) over the Western PacificE. Hintsa
Upper troposphere/lower stratosphere dynamics and transportChair: L. Pfister
Vertical and quasi-isentropic transport pathways through the Asian monsoon anticyclonic circulation into the lowermost stratosphereR. Mueller
Trajectory dispersion due to uncertainties in analysis wind fields and the inherent limitations of transport calculations in the upper tropical troposphereJ. Bergman
Transport Rates and Age of Air in the TTL during Boreal WinterJ. Pittman
Evaluating and Diagnosing the Transport of Trace Gases to the Upper Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere in the CAM-Chem Model using Aura Microwave Limb Sounder Measurements *J. Neu
A Modeling Study of STE Near Tropical Cyclones Talas and ItaM. Hitchman
Vertical and Horizontal Mixing in the Tropical Tropopause LayerS. Glanville
Research Collaborations on Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling in the Tropics in Association with the Project of Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC) for 2017-2019S. Yoden
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Upper troposphere/lower stratosphere composition (continued)Chair: L. Pfister
QBO dynamics in a 7-km global climate simulationL. Holt
Characteristics of Waves in the Tropical Tropopause LayerJ.-E. Kim
Cirrus and Wave-induced Temperature Anomaly Relationships in ATTREX MeasurementsJ. Alexander
Impact of deep convection on tropical tropospheric and stratospheric compositionChair: J. Alexander
An upper tropospheric cloud-convection (UTCC) process studyG. Stephens
Tropical tropopause layer variability associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation during DYNAMOT. Birner
Transport across the TTL and convective sourcesB. Legras
Convective transport of NMHCs and VSLS from the surface to the upper troposphere and lower stratosphereQ. Liang
Convective impacts on trace gases in the Tropical Tropopause Layer during Boreal Winter as seen during ATTREXL. Pfister
Efforts Toward Development Of A High Resolution Global Climatology Of Overshooting Cloud Top Detections Using MODIS and Geostationary Satellite Imager DataK. Bedka
Impact of Overshooting Deep Convection on the Stratospheric Water Vapor: an A-Train Satellite ViewH. Su
Survey of global distribution of convection overshooting tropopause using first year of GPM observationsC. Liu
Use of ground-based, airborne, and satellite measurements for evaluation of global modelsChair: R. Müller
The OMPS Limb Profiler Stratospheric Aerosol Products and Comparisons to the GEOS-5 Chemistry-Climate ModelP. Colarco
An assessment of upper-troposphere and lower-stratosphere water vapor in GEOS5, MERRA, and ECMWF analysis and reanalyses using Aura MLS observationsJ. Jiang
An assessment of the CAM5/CARMA model: TTL cirrus cloud representation through comparisons with ATTREX 3 and CALIPSO observationsC. Maloney
Comparison of WRF simulated mass fluxes with those derived from radar observations for the Tropical Western PacificR. Schofield
Halogen budgets/partitioning/sources/transport/etc.Chair: E. Atlas
Growth in the stratospheric loading of halogenated very short-lived substances and their impact on ozone and climateS. Montzka
Halocarbons in the TTL: the roles of oceanic emissions and atmospheric transportS. Tegtmeier
Tropical tropospheric bromine and stratospheric injection of Bry from VSL compounds inferred from CONTRAST *R. Salawitch
Measurements of bromine monoxide and iodine monoxide in the lower stratosphere: constraints on total inorganic bromine and iodine *T. Koenig
Measurement and simulation of CH4, O3, NO2, BrO, and major brominated source gases during the NASA-ATTREX Global Hawk deployments in 2013: Implications for the photochemistry and total amount of bromine in the TTL and stratosphereK. Pfeilsticker
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Halogen budgets/partitioning/sources/transport/etc. (continued)Chair: E. Atlas
NAME modelling activities for ATTREX-CONTRAST VSLS measurementsM. Filus
Enhanced ozone loss by active inorganic bromine chemistry in the tropical troposphereC. Percival
Transport of halogenated VSLS from the Indian Ocean to the stratosphere through the Asian monsoon circulationA. Fiehn
Chemical and dynamical processes controlling ozone concentrations from the surface to the stratosphereChair: R. Salawitch
Bi-modal Distribution of Tropical Tropospheric Ozone over the Western Pacific from CONTRAST ObservationsL. Pan
A Tropical Tropospheric Source of High Ozone/Low Water Filaments in the Western Pacific *D. Anderson
Modelling Manus ozone using WRFR. Newton
Sources of Seasonal Variability in Tropical UT/LS Water Vapor and Ozone: Inferences from the Ticosonde DatasetH. Selkirk
Near-tropopause Ozone Variability at Tropical and Subtropical Ozonesonde Sites Revealed from Self-Organizing Map ClusteringR. Stauffer
The impact of upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric ozone changes on global warming projections *P. Nowack
OH in the TWP: An In-Depth Comparison of CONTRAST and CAM-Chem OH Precursors and Implications for the Oxidative Capacity of the Troposphere *J. Nicely
Poster session
Processes controling UTLS water vaporChair: E. Jensen
Understanding the long-term trend in stratospheric water vaporA. Dessler
A solar signal in lower stratospheric water vapour?S. Lossow
Revisiting water vapor seasonal cycle observed in tropical lower stratosphere: Role of BDC, convective activity and ozoneS. Jain
Impact of Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event on the TTL and Deep Convective ActivityK. Kodera
Role of saturation in the water vapor diurnal cycle in the South American Tropical Tropopause LayerF. Carminati
Title/Presentation PDF filesSpeaker
Processes controling UTLS water vapor (continued)Chair: E. Jensen
The Radiative Effects of Tropical Tropopause Layer Water Vapor and Ozone on Tropical Cyclone Potential IntensityD. Gilford
A Lagrangian Description on the Troposphere - Stratosphere Transport Changes Associated with the Stratospheric Water Drop Around the Year 2000 *F. Hasebe
TTL cooling and drying during the January 2013 Stratospheric Sudden WarmingS. Evan
Dynamical processes and transport influencing the water vapour budget in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere (UTLS)M. Riese
TTL dehydration efficiency evaluated using in-situ data and back-trajectoriesT. Thornberry
Gravity Waves Amplify Upper Tropospheric Dehydration by CloudsM. Schoeberl
Saturation at the tropical tropopauseH. Voemel
Moist phase in the SH extratropical lower stratosphere: a view of transport from the tropicsK. Zhang
A Quick Report on the LAPANCRYO-SOWER 2015 Biak CampaignY. Inai
Anomalous dehydration of the TTL during January 2013: evidence from balloon, aircraft and satellite observationsS. Khaykin
Cirrus formation, properties, and effects
Microphysical Properties of Tropical Tropopause Layer CirrusS. Woods
Comparisons of cirrus cloud properties between polluted and pristine air based on in-situ observations from the NASA ATTREX, NSF HIPPO and EU INCA campaignsM. Diao
Distribution of Cirrus Cloud Ice in the Tropical Tropopause Layer as Indicator of Regional Cloud Formation Processes and Climate CyclesM. Avery
Variability of Ice Supersaturation, Nucleation, and Cirrus in TTL Vertical LayersJ. DiGangi
Using ATTREX Data to Improve the Representation of TTL Cirrus in CAM5C. Bardeen
On the Susceptibility of Cold Tropical Cirrus to Ice Nuclei AbundanceE. Jensen
Microphysical, radiative and dynamical impacts of thin cirrus clouds on humidity in the tropical tropopause layer and lower stratosphereT. Dinh
A modeling case-study of a tropical tropopause layer cirrus: roles of dynamics and microphysics and cirrus impactsA. Podglajen
What Controls the Low Ice Number Concentration in the Upper Tropical Troposphere?C. Zhou

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