ICEALOT 2008 Notices

20099030 - Final data is posted for O3cl and O3uv from Eric Williams.

20090603 - Two parameters were deleted from the ExtCRD file: ext_532_sub1_85RH and ext_532_sub10_85RH. Also ext_532_sub1_70RH was renamed as ext_532_sub1_80RH and ext_532_sub10_70RH was renamed as ext_532_sub10_80RH. No change to the other data. Changed file revision to R1.

20081230 - Final data is posted for ExtCRD from Paola Massoli.

20081107 - Final data is posted for all the Ship parameters.

20081106 - I changed the timewave for N2O5 and N3O to use the start time rather than the mid time. No change to the data. I did change to R1 to note the change.

20081105 - Final data (R0) is posted for N2O5 and NO3.

20081016 - Jessica, Bill and Joost submitted VOCsGCMS data, get the award for first final data submitted!