NACHTT 2011 Data Format

ICARTT file Format

The preferable format for submitting data files to BioCORN is the ICARTT format. Please note that this format now specifies that the data is comma-delimited, not space-delimited. NASA maintains the complete documentation for the ICARTT format. For users of the application Igor, there are software tools available including GeneralMacros.ipf, and IcarttFormat.ipf that help with creating and loading ICARTT files.

ICARTT data file names are defined as dataID_locationID_YYYYMMDD_R#.ict
dataID is the species measured or the instrument (see instruments).
locationID is NACHTT (case_sensitive).
YYYYMMDD indicates date of the beginning of the measurement.
R# indicates revision number. Preliminary data uses letters, starting with A. Final data uses numbers starting with 0.


Time values are reported in MST as seconds after midnight from the date given in the file name.

Submitting data to the website

Please put ICARTT files on the NACHTT ftp site: and use the NACHTT login. The files will then be put onto this website and made available for downloading along with the Igor binary files.