E&E - UBWOS 2014 Instruments

Measured Parameter Method Time Resolution Detection Limit Principal Investigator
NO, NO2, NO3, N2O5, NOy, O3 Cavity ring-down spectroscopy 1 sec 0.1 - 0.001 ppbv Steve Brown/Rob Wild
NO, NO2, NOy fluxes Photolytic, thermal conversion, chemiluminescence 1-10 sec 10 - 100 pptv Jennifer Murphy
HONO, NO2 Incoherent broadband absorption spectroscopy, ACES 1 min 0.2 ppbv Steve Brown/Kyung-Eun Min
HONO Long Path Absorption Photometer 3 min 10 pptv Barry Lefer/James Flynn/Sergio Alvarez
Acyl Peroxynitrates, Nitryl Chloride (ClNO2), HONO, HO2NO2 Iodide ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry 1 - 5 sec 0.005 ppbv Patrick Veres/Jim Roberts
CO2 and Methane (CH4) Wavelength scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy 1Hz every 5 sec 0.2 ppmv for CO2, 2 ppbv for CH4 Jim Roberts
O3 UV Absorption 10 sec 1 ppbv Jim Roberts
SO2 UV fluorescence 1 min 0.1 ppbv Jim Roberts
VOCs (see complete list below) In situ gas chromatography mass spectrometry 30 min 0.01 ppbv Jessica Gilman/Brian Lerner/Joost de Gouw
Formaldehyde, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Acetonitrile Proton-transfer reaction mass spectrometry / ToF 10 sec - 1 min 0.01 ppbv Carsten Warneke/Joost de Gouw/Rui Li/Shoa-Meng Li
HCHO Liquid scrubber Hantzsch Reaction 1 min 100 pptv Barry Lefer/James Flynn/Sergio Alvarez
O3, NO2, HONO, SO2, HCHO, NO3 Long Path - Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (LP-DOAS) 5 min 1ppb, 80ppt, 20ppt, 250ppt, 200ppt, 2ppt Jochen Stutz/Catalina Tsai
Acids: HNO3, HCl, HONO, HNCO, carboxylic acids, substituted phenols Negative ion proton transfer mass spectrometry / ToF 1 - 10 sec 0.01 ppbv Bin Yuan/John Liggio
Size-Resolved Aerosol Surface Area SMPS, APS 15 min    
Aerosol Chemical Composition Particle into Liquid Sampler (PiLS) 10 min   Tim Bates/Trish Quinn
Snow Composition:Anions/Cations Ion chromatography N/A   Trish Quinn/Tim Bates
Aerosol and Snow Nitrate Isotopes Isotope Mass Spectrometry N/A   Becky Alexander
Photolysis Rates Spectral radiometry 1 min   Hans Osthoff
Photolysis Rates Broadband radiometry upwards/downwards 1 min   Bob Zamora
Meteorological Data Weather station 1 min   Allen White
Boundary Layer Height, Vertical SODAR, Sonic anemometers 1 min   Allen White

Complete list of VOCs that will be quantified for Utah:

Ethane, Ethene, Propane, Propene, Ethyne, Butane_iso, Butane_n, Cyclopentane, Pentane_iso, Pentane_n, Hexane_n, Heptane, Octane, Nonane, Decane, Undecane

Benzene, Toluene, Benzene_135tm, Benzene_1ethyl, Xylenes_mp, Xylene_o, Benzene_vinyl (Styrene)

Acetaldehyde, Methanol, Propanal, Acetone, Ethanol, Furan, Propanol_iso, MEK, Butanol_1

Nitrate_1methyl, Nitrate_1ethyl, Nitrate_iPropyl, Nitrate_nPropyl

Isoprene, Pinene_beta, MACR, MVK, DMS (not likely that these compounds are very important to Utah) CF2Cl2, CCl4 (instrument diagnostics)

Likely additions for the Utah Ozone Study:

Butenes, Butadienes, Ethylene_oxide, Propylene_oxide, methane_thiol*, ethane_thiol, Acetonitrile, MTBE, Crotonaldehyde, 2-butoxyethanol*, Dimethyl_formamide (DMF)*, Benzaldehyde, Benzofuran, Benzonitrile, Benzyl chloride, Iso-propylbenzene (cumene), Acetophenone*, Other C9 and C10 aromatics, C4-alkylnitrates, C5-C7 aldehydes

*Never measured in ambient air by the GC-MS before, but should be detectable if they are present in appreciable quantities.

Non-detectable species on the GC-MS:

Formaldehyde and phenol (measured by PTR-MS)
Organic and inorganic acids (measured by NI-PT-CIMS)
Ethylene glycol