Platform: CARB Mobile Laboratory

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CARB Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP)

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) deploys a Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP), equipped with advanced technologies to measure atmospheric gas- and particle-phase pollutants to conduct research that supports the development and evaluation of the NAAQS attainment strategies and climate change mitigation projects. Over the past decade, CARB's MMPs have been used to measure a variety of source emissions, study air pollution impacts on communities, and identify fugitive methane leaks throughout California. CARB will deploy its MMP during FIREX-AQ to study the interaction of urban and wildfire emissions. The MMP deployment will be coordinated with the NASA DC-8 and NASA ER-2 for flights over the Central Valley of California 15 - 16 July.

Instrument / MethodMeasurementType
2B Model 405 NOx MonitorNO, NO2, NOxGas phase
2B Model 205 O3 MonitorO3Gas phase
Picarro G2301CH4, CO2, H2OGas phase
Teledyne T300 CO/CO2 analyzer or equivalentCO, CO2Gas phase
Ecotech Serinus 51 SO2/H2S AnalyzerSO2, H2SGas phase
Aethalometer7-λ absorption (for BC)Aerosol optics
UC Berkeley DEFCON VOC/PM samplerAerosol and VOC (offline analysis)Aerosol and VOC composition and mass